Kashmiri Identity: An Understanding from Philosophical and Cultural Perspective


  • Mudasir Ahmad Tantray Assistant Professor, Averroes Centre of Philosophical Studies, IUST Awantipora
  • Tariq Rafeeq Khan


This paper delves into the distinctive characteristics of Kashmiri identity through a philosophical and cultural lens. The multifaceted nature of Kashmiri identity is explored by considering its amalgamation of elements such as culture, philosophy, spirituality, language, geography, religion, art and craft, as well as shared rituals and practices. Emphasizing the interconnectedness of these dimensions, the paper elucidates the holistic formation of Kashmiri identity. Additionally, the study draws a comparative analysis between Kashmiri identity and the broader concept of 'Identity.' Special attention is given to the transformative impact of modernism and foreign influences on Kashmiri identity, particularly at linguistic and socio-cultural levels. This exploration aims to contribute to the broader discourse on identity dynamics and cultural evolution, offering insights into the nuanced shifts experienced by Kashmiri identity in the face of external forces.




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