Author Guidelines

Following are the  author's guideline 

  • The corresponding authors should mention the contribution of each author and sign the author's consent form on their behalf. In case of any falsified statement corresponding author will be responsible.
  • The name of the authors can be changed before the review process started. Once the review process started EER will not accept the request to change the author name inclusion or extraction of the author.
  • The manuscript extracted from the Thesis will not be accepted as such. The author needs to rewrite the manuscript and disclose it at the time of submission that the manuscript is extracted from the thesis.
  • The author is not allowed to withdraw the manuscript after the completion of all the reviews. The author can withdraw only after desk evaluation.
  • The similarity report of the manuscript should be less than 19 %( preferably 15%) at the time of submission.
  • It’s the right of authors to decide the order of all the authors together.
  • IJKS will not entertain Guest authors, Gift Authors, and Ghost Authors

Further authorship guidelines are mentioned on submitting a manuscript page  for  further details contacts us